Do you suffer from the Trifecta of Modern Living: Chronic pain, low energy & poor sleep?

I help overworked, overwhelmed men and women with serious, chronic health issues doctors can’t seem to help. I do this by teaching them how to reclaim their health by making simple nutritional and lifestyle changes that bring them back to balance so they may fully enjoy the best years of their lives.

But can I really help you? My answer is YES!

You’re probably wondering how I can help you when you may have been told by doctors your options for your “symptoms” are prescription medications. Or maybe you’re wondering if your pain, fatigue and lousy sleep are just a sign of “normal” aging? I know from personal experience (see My Story) that by making some simple shifts in your diet and lifestyle you CAN overcome what I call the Trifecta of Modern Living. Read more

Season it Well

Season it Well was written to entice and delight the taste buds and teach the home cook how to combine herbs and spices to create delectable gluten-free recipes. The collection includes over fifty unique dishes with a seasonings reference chart as well as nutritional tips and information.

Author Anne Baker says, “Too many people still believe healthy food has to taste like cardboard! The recipes in the Season it Well! recipe collection will convince anyone who believes vegetables are boring that healthy food can actually taste good.” This recipe collection makes an excellent reference for anyone who is interested in making a healthy change.

Besides being free from gluten containing grains all of the recipes are anti-inflammatory and most are free from many of the other most common food allergens like soy, corn and dairy.

Buy the Book here!

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After three years of discomfort my body really started to reject everything I was eating. I had gained 40lbs and any prescription medication for depression I was taking started to show itself useless. I was getting sinus infect ions quite often. I was always exhausted and had little energy. In the last few months of a swollen face and constant bloating despite the over counter relief I sought, I did frantic search of holistic nutritionists. After working with Anne for about 3 months I not only learned about natural ways to aid my body but what foods my body couldn’t tolerate anymore. My depression diminished tremendously and I lost 30lbs through detox and eating foods my body could digest. Anne was always prepared and knowledgeable and I’m so grateful I found relief and real nutritional education.
After dealing with chronic fungal outbreaks on my facial area for years. I asked my dermatologist if a change in my diet could help my condition? I was told quite frankly, no. I refused to be relegated to a life of steroid creams. Through local investigating I discovered Anne. Her credentials and radio interviews convinced me to make an appointment. The one key factor about Anne is her ability to provide specific knowledge for specific health issues, thus eliminating the tedium in deciding ones choices in health concerns. Presently my skin condition has been resolved, with a clear course in maintenance of my dietary health. As a added health bonus, I’ve lost 25lbs. and now have a BMI of 22. As an extra unexpected plus my wife who’s struggled with weight for awhile has lost 36 lbs and is on her way to her goal weight. Thank You Anne!