When I was a child and complained of a sore throat my mother would always check the lymph glands around my neck to see if they were swollen. Ask someone where their lymph glands are most and people will point to the glands alongside their neck. Lymph and Natural Immunity Most people have very little understanding of where the lymph system is or how the lymph system functions. The lymph system actually runs throughout our bodies and plays a vital role in sweeping toxins away (acting as a filter) and ensuring immunity stays strong. The lymph also helps with the absorption and transport of fats. Love Your Lymph and it will Love You Back! The healthier your lymph system is the healthier you will be and the faster your body can respond to invading infection. Technically speaking the lymph is where T-helper cells are found. These cells help identify invaders and support the body’s natural immune system. Another way the lymph helps aid in immunity is through a special type of cell called the endothelial cell. Endothelial cells line your digestive tract can actually sense the type of bacteria that are present in your digestive tract. Using this perception, instructions are then given to form lymph tissue that is specific to keeping that particular foreign type of cell in check. This helps provide protection form viruses. If this system gets out of balance our digestive system is more prone to become a friendly host for pathogenic bacteria such as Candida and h. pylori. Once again we see how the health of our GUT impacts overall health! lymphatic-system-immune-systemStagnant lymph? Lymph circulation relies on body motion and muscle contraction. This is why it’s common for inactive people to experience edema, pain between the shoulder blades, headaches at the base of the neck, snoring/sleep apnea, notice their hands or arm “falling asleep”, have frequent earache and congestion or a sense of overall fatigue. Does any of this sound familiar? According to Dr. Byron Richards, BCCN, “ Half of your lymphatics are actually around your digestive tract and work to maintain proper immune response to whatever is in your gut. Constipation in your digestive tract causes a back up in your internal lymphatics, as there is no place for new trash to flow.

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