3 Reasons You Crave Sweets

3 Reasons You Crave Sweets3 Reasons you crave sweets that most people are unaware of have little or nothing to do with lack of willpower. Do you crave sweets and not know why? While you may chalk it up to lack of will... [Read more...]

Unraveling food addiction

Food addictionUnraveling food addiction ...and what it tells us about the brain GUT connection Perhaps you’ve wondered if it is possible for a person to be addicted to a food. Do the phrases; “I’m... [Read more...]

Depression: it’s not in your head – it’s in your GUT!

hmptree13_nl_bbMany of the clients I work with have been struggling with depression and anxiety for most of their life. You could say I am one of the lucky ones because I’ve never personally struggled with... [Read more...]

Getting your mind ready to heal – don’t let your diagnosis keep you stuck

Woman with Head BowedCould your thoughts be keeping you from getting well? Being open to the possibility of healing and good health can sometimes seem daunting for people who have been living with chronic, long term... [Read more...]

Three steps to less pain, more energy and better health

# steps to better healthThree steps to less pain... What if I told you that the key to reducing pain and increasing energy AND to preventing disease could be attained in three steps? Step 1: Take a good look at the... [Read more...]

Natural Sleep Solutions the news media doesn’t tell you about

2000px-Effects_of_sleep_deprivation.svgNatural sleep solutions the news media doesn't tell you about... A January 2014 CDC report has estimated 50-70 million US adults have sleep or wakefulness disorder. The CDC has acknowledges this a... [Read more...]