Coping with restless leg syndrome

Restless legCoping with restless leg syndrome....If you are among the growing number of people experiencing RLS (as I am) you know that it is both painful and disruptive to sleep. In my quest to find a solution... [Read more...]

Reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

reducing your risk of ADReducing your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease...When Alzheimer’s disease touched our family I became acutely aware of how ill equipped our society and our current medical system is to deal with this... [Read more...]

Your anti-inflammatory diet isn’t working

why your antiinflammatory diet isnt workingYour anti-inflammatory diet isn’t working…here's  why. Are you among the growing number of people who have moved to an anti-inflammatory diet; (ie: cutting out the top five most reactive... [Read more...]

Berberine: the next super herb?

Berberine the next super herbBerberine: the next super herb? Berberine is quickly becoming a go to supplement for oh so many conditions. It’s now being recommended by many of today’s thought leaders in functional cardiology,... [Read more...]

3 Reasons You Crave Sweets

3 Reasons You Crave Sweets3 Reasons you crave sweets that most people are unaware of have little or nothing to do with lack of willpower. Do you crave sweets and not know why? While you may chalk it up to lack of will... [Read more...]

Unraveling food addiction

Food addictionUnraveling food addiction ...and what it tells us about the brain GUT connection Perhaps you’ve wondered if it is possible for a person to be addicted to a food. Do the phrases; “I’m... [Read more...]